People are on Facebook to be entertained! 

Becoming a social media whizz is about being be energetic and optimistic and positive and knowing your audience inside out!

Until a few years ago it was fairly easy to build a fan base on Facebook, but everything has changed and now it takes a lot of planning, hard work, time and patience.

You have to identify who your target audience is. Who are you trying to sell too, and who will be interested in your product? You have to become like them, think like them, and get into their heads, so to speak. Build trust with your audience reach out and build relationships with them.

Be respectful! 


Whenever your audience responds to your post, reply to each and every one, even though the reply may be just to like what they said. Also like back, when a company like your page, give them the same courtesy and like back.

Whenever you notifications pop up to let you know someone has mentioned you, go to the page and thank them for the mention.  They took the time to tag you, you can take the time to thank them for it. This is social media, so let’s be social!

Identify what kind of posts spark the most attention

Questions are always a safe bet but do not keep asking the same question over and over. Make it interesting and fun!

Photos work! Use high quality images which will connect to your target audience. If you get it from another page, identify the page with a tag or a link. Let’s respect each other.

Fill in the blanks – a quick answer to a question to get to know your audience better.

Contests  Facebook contests usually do well with targeted audiences. We all love to get something for free and to win a competition!

Targeted adverts: The best way to reach your targeted audience is by buying an ad on Facebook. The response rate will grow tremendously with an ad or boosted post to your target audience.

Post once or twice per day. Post more or less at the same time every day, be consistent. Do not skip a day. Facebook wants to see you are active and mean business! 

The screenshot proves what happens with consistent posts and with an audience who are appreciative of your efforts. Just over 17,000 page likes, total reach of more than 30,000 (which means those amount of people saw the posts the past 7 days) and almost 4,000 people engaged. It took a lot of hard work to get there!

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