Our Services

Social media is not just about pushing out messages; here at Stardust Social we focus on our client’s wider marketing targets and ensuring we achieve results. We work with small to medium size enterprises across a variety of sectors including retail, leisure, music and education and our down to earth approach mean our clients continue to stay with us for a very long time.



Social media is all about the conversation. We know how to tell compelling stories, how to facilitate and develop the conversation and more importantly, we know how to make it work for your brand.

Here at Stardust Social we’re able to offer a wide range of services; from channel management, influencer outreach & engagement to creating content that sparks a conversation…and of course we track, analyse and report ensuring that everything we do delivers the right results.



Content marketing if the foundation of a successful business, its time consuming and resource heavy and most SME’s simply don’t have the time to keep on top of the job, this is where we can help!

Our in-house editorial team and network of content creatives have the ability to turn ideas into engaging and unique content; whether that be infographics, blog articles, new jacking imagery. The list is simply endless!



Strategy and planning is super important to the successful growth of your social channels including your wider marketing activity.

There are clear steps towards a setting your strategy, from choosing the right channels (you don’t have to be on them all!), establishing an authentic tone of voice, defining your posting strategy, creating your content and then analyse, test and iterate and finally automation, engagement and most of all listening!



Let’s be clear, from the beginning we’re super clear! We listen and then build a team and strategy around your business.  Right from the beginning and in collaboration, we agree your business objectives and how we are going to measure the success.

You might be looking to increase your eCommerce sales or brand awareness or maybe build and manage an affiliate network, our experienced team and network of specialist freelancers cover every channel and always strive to meet our clients needs.



Your brand strategy should underpin and communicate everything that makes you you. We make sure that every brand we work with is supported by a strong brand strategy; we do this by creating strong, high quality, and innovative branding, which will keep your customers engaged whilst ensuring a brilliant brand experience.

We take the time to understand your business, your aims, your market, product or service.  Defining what makes your brand different from your competition are the nuts and bolts of your business and making sure this is communicated through all of your customer touchpoints is vital to your success.  A good brand strategy should be at the heart of all of your communications, whether on your website, in-store or on the shelf.



Influential bloggers have long been a  valuable tool in the world of social media, they know their stuff and they can influence and educate their audience about your brand.

We can put your business in front of the right bloggers, vloggers and brand champions to help increase your brand awareness and help grow and cultivate a loyal fan base.