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Artist Ant Fox has been inspiring art lovers for over a 10 years now, his unique perspective results in some truly phenomenal contemporary pieces which have sold around the world.  Stardust are responsible for the on-going management of all the Ant Fox Gallery social channels with the primary aim of driving traffic to Ant’s website and creating an engaged community of art lovers.

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  • ‘We didn’t even know that what we needed to progress the online portion of our company was a social media expert. It turns out that what we actually needed was Christa. Thank you for being part of our success.”



Ant Fox was born in the Midlands in 1969. With poor eyesight as a child, as well as getting lost a lot, he developed a knack for taking mental fuzzy snapshots of the world to help him navigate. These mental images were then frequently scribbled onto paper, in an attempt to clarify the blurred scenes around him. Encouraged by such comments as “come on Ant, stop squinting and draw a picture for your Auntie Margaret”, techniques were nurtured at the same time as keeping him out of trouble (mostly).

Later studying fine art and sculpture at art school, Ant became despondent at his peers, who were busy nailing tampons to trees as a “symbolic embodiment of the rise of China as an economic power. Exploiting the arrogant attitudes expressed by western Europe in the late 20th century”, or some similar such nonsense. Ant just wanted to paint pretty pictures.

A need for food and rent, and an interest in computers led the disgruntled twenty year old to a career in digital arts. Graphic design leading from print to the then emerging world of web design. Eventually, less hungry and with a “proper” job paying the bills, Ant combined a skill set of digital mediums with the addiction to express the aesthetic visions in his head and now produces art from the Ant Fox Gallery in Hove, England.