Why having a Pinterest account is crucial for Businesses

It is currently the fastest growing social Network. The visual bookmarking tool has more than 100 million monthly active users (MAU).

It is the best and visual tool for customers.  Pinterest sees itself as more of an existential competitor to Google, a way for people to discover things they want to do in the real world rather than a social avenue.

Pinterest can and should be a valuable tool for marketers because the millions and millions of people who do use it are often in a shopping frame of mind.

It allows businesses to enhance and grow their brand image and tells your brand’s story with images and videos in a fun way. People do not feel marketed to.

Pins created from you site link back directly to your site, increasing traffic to websites. It displays your products and drive more sales to your business.

It is a new and increasingly popular way to connect, comment, like and to network.

INSPIRATION! It inspire buyers to explore without them feeling “marketed to”.

Despite coming late to the game, Pinterest has an advantage over Facebook and Twitter because its users are already coming to the site to find new products. Its user base is also larger than any of the startup apps mentioned above.