How to create Facebook posts which generate excellent organic reach

To be successful on Facebook you have to be able to understand the needs of your best customer (or best would-be customer).

Keep in mind you don’t only compete with other companies, but with your customer’s private lives, their responsibilities, friends and family and of course all the other posts in their newsfeed. Offer them something of value, something they will enjoy or want to participate in.

Give them tips, hints, something funny, something interesting, problem solvers  or breaking news. Don’t make it all about your business, but keep it relevant to your brand.

You have to be the brand in everything that you do – the smallest actions have implications. Post often, once per day and a few days per week you can even sneak a second post in. You have to keep the ball rolling in organic reach, and if a post is not gaining track, it’s a good idea to try and get the traction back with a second post. Do not overdo it though.

One of our clients regularly has an organic reach of more than 30,000 on Facebook with 18,000 fans! We keep the posts short, to the point, with great visual content and most of the time ask the audience to participate; which of course they gladly do!

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