Case study of an engaging Facebook post.

Good quality, clear pictures are always popular with Facebook users.

The Facebook audience wants to participate in conversation and given the  chance, they will not disappoint. You are on your way to a great engagement!


In this particular Facebook post I posted a picture of a  French Armoire from the website of The French Bedroom Company.  I mentioned the name of the collection, namely the Delphine and asked a very short question: One word. I have had enormous success with this kind of post as we have to keep in mind you have a few seconds only to grab the attention of your audience and to get them engaged.  The audience delivered.

Within 24 hours we reached more than 11,400 people and had 966 reactions, comments and shares.  Facebook is not so much about the amount of fans you have (although it DOES make a difference and add status to your company), but you really want the audience to react to the post. Reactions in the form of likes and loves, comment and of course shares are invaluable. Once this happens it snowballs and continues for days.

Of course you want your audience to see and to know you appreciate their reaction, so your participation continues. I like every post in the name of the company, in this instance The French Bedroom Company.   I also reply to most of the comments and also like all the shares. You want the name of the company you represent to be first and foremost in the minds of all those who shared. Every time I reply to a comment, the person who commented was quick to like the reply. It does give them a sense of importance and they do value being appreciated. After all, you owe them the growth of the engagement and one is as important and valuable as the other.

So, in a nutshell:

  1.   A clear, beautiful picture. We all love beauty.
  2.   A very short description.
  3.   A chance for the audience to participate
  4.   Showing your gratitude and appreciation.

Good luck!  This has always worked for me and I am sure you can make it work also.

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My next post will be about Facebook’s new option to post short videos.